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201. Hello Shello
Bored with his day-to-day life in Shell Land, Shelldon looks for something more exciting to do.  When he discovers a book about an explorer named Shello Polo, Crabby assures him the guy was a fraud.  When Shelldon tells Mama and Papa Clam he wants to be an explorer like Shello Polo, he’s surprised to learn that Shello Polo was his ancestor.  Shelldon is even more excited when Papa gives him two of Shello’s heirlooms: a Magic Compass and a Time Telescope.  But when Shelldon does an oral report in class about Shello Polo he quickly discovers that everyone in Shell Land thinks Shello Polo is a fraud for spending their ancestors’ money on his worthless treasure hunts.  Mr. Inky Squid is especially angry when he reveals that Shello took his family’s golden seashell necklace to fund his voyages but gave them nothing in return.  After taking an exciting treasure hunt with Herman and Connie, and battling a scuba diver that Herman thinks abducted his father, Shelldon makes an amazing discovery that changes everyone’s minds about Shello Polo, including Mr. Inky Squid. 

When Shelldon learns that Mrs. Sidewinder needs money for her little crab orphans he decides to search for Cracken’s lost gem-studded “crown” shell so he can donate the reward money to build her a new orphanage.  Shelldon recruits Connie and Herman to help him, and goes off in search of the missing crown.  On their journey they are confronted by a whacky octopus named Captain 8-Ball who helps Shelldon, Connie and Herman find the missing crown.  But when they return home to get the reward, Cracken reveals it’s not his crown—he already found his.  In the end, a very sad Shelldon gives the “worthless” crown shell to Mrs. Sidewinder only to discover it’s worth a lot more than he thought.

Shelldon, Herman and Connie build their own makeshift spaceship and enter Mr. Inky Squid’s “Space Science Fair”, the winner of which wins the Gastronaut Shell Armstrong golden trophy award.  All they have to do is be first to reach the beach, above, and return with proof.  But when Stan Starfish sabotages their ship, the bully and his pal reach the beach before them.  But Shelldon and the gang are first to find proof: a giant toy plastic shovel.  Unfortunately, it belongs to a giant human infant who grabs Herman and sticks him in his drooling mouth.  When Shelldon asks Stan to help save Herman, the selfish bully steals their shovel and heads for home.  But his return trip is cut short when a frisky Labrador retriever grabs their ship.  Now Shelldon and his friends must rescue Stan.  But when they do, Stan gets away and returns home to win the golden space science trophy.  But his guilt is too strong, and he confesses his cheating.  Shelldon wins the trophy, but Stan wins something, too—a little self respect.

204. Scout’S HONOR
When Shelldon asks Papa Clam if he can join the Shell Scouts, Papa angrily refuses.  Shelldon soon learns why when Papa confesses that he was once a scout, too.  He only needed to help clean up the environment to earn his final merit badge and become an Abalone Scout.  But when his cleanup task went wrong, Papa was shamed and quit the scouts.  Realizing his anger was misplaced, Papa allows Shelldon to join the scouts with Herman and Connie.  After a fun initiation, the three of them set out to earn their first merit badge by helping an older person.  But they learn it’s not that easy after trying unsuccessfully to help some of Shell Land’s old folks.  So they decide to kill two birds with one stone by helping Papa reach his dream of becoming an Abalone Scout.  Along with Papa, they set out to help the environment by cleaning up an oil leak.  But in doing so they discover that Cracken is using the oil in his line of fin-care products, and he isn’t about to let Papa and the kids ruin things for him.  But when he recruits Bait’s Motel to stop them from cleaning up his pollution, the kids and Papa not only succeed in cleaning up the environment, but cleaning up the ingredients in Cracken’s fin-care products as well.  In the end, Shelldon and the gang earn their first badges, and Papa his last.  He finally reaches his dream and becomes an Abalone Scout.

When a new student named Denny is introduced in class, some kids tease him because of his very different looking shell.  To make things worse, Stan Starfish starts a rumor that Denny’s shell is caused by a contagious disease.  Now all the kids are afraid to go near poor Denny.  Not aware that Denny is staying at the Charming Clam Inn, Shelldon starts talking about this boy in school with a really weird shell, and inadvertently hurts Denny’s feelings.  This is the last straw for Denny, who runs away.  Feeling sorry for what he’s done, Shelldon recruits the help of Herman and Connie and goes off to find Denny.  They soon discover that Denny has gone up to the beach, where he’s joined a circus show to be weird other sympathetic “freaks” like himself.  But they’re not freaks; they’re just exotic marine creatures like Denny.  But soon Denny finds the circus crowds are just as nasty as the kids at school were, and he wants to go home.  But the greedy ringmaster won’t let him.  So Shelldon, Connie and Herman dress up like “freaks” and infiltrate the circus, helping Denny to escape.  And after a heartfelt apology from Shelldon and the gang, Denny is happy to be home again.

206. STARFISH Wars 
When Shelldon decides he wants to become a movie director, Herman has a great idea for the plot—a space invasion!  Herman turns the junk in his mom’s junkyard into a big alien spaceship, and uses other junk for alien spacesuits, etc.  Next comes casting.  Nikki will be the hero, but who will be his heroine?  This pits Connie against Hurley in a comical screen test.  Shelldon doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so they both get roles.  Egotistical Cracken agrees to be the villain provided Shelldon makes him a sympathetic villain.  But when the production begins, and it looks like Shelldon’s film could be a hit, Cracken turns into a real villain and steals the video tape!   So Shelldon, Herman and Connie turn into real heroes and use their space props to attack Cracken and get the video back.  Unfortunately, they fail, and Cracken puts on a big premier for his movie, complete with red carpet and klieg lights.  But in the end his movie is a big flop.  Why?  Because Herman forgot to take the lens cap off and the tape is blank.  Cracken is the laughing stock of Shell Land.  Theme: Thieves get their just desserts.

207. Take Me to Your Liter!
When giant empty liter bottles invade Shell Land, Herman is sure they’re aliens.  But Dr. Shell informs the kids they’re just litter from the upper world.  So they decide to gather up the bottles and bring them back to the beach for recycling.  But the humans at the beach aren’t interesting in picking up their trash.  In fact, they’re making more of it.  Shelldon and the gang try to show the humans how dangerous the bottles are to sea life, and enlist their giant infant friend, Gaga, to help them.  But nothing works.  Finally, after a goofy pelican swallows a bottle thinking it’s a fish, Herman gets Gaga’s mom to save the pelican from choking.  Realizing that the bottle almost killed the poor bird, Gaga’s mom gets the kids on the beach to clean up their litter, and Shelldon’s mission is a success.

208. Crouching Bully, Hidden Shellfish
When Shelldon gets humiliated by Stan Starfish, he decides to take Kung Fish lessons in order to gain retribution.  Shelldon learns quickly and turns the table on Stan, defeating and humiliating him.  Then Shelldon begins to brag about how good he is, showing off and claiming to be the best Kung Fish master in Shell Land.  This attracts other Kung Fish fighters who challenge him.  After defeating them one by one, Shelldon grows tired of having to prove he’s the best every day so his friends will thing he’s cool.  He just wants to be a regular kid again.  But he’s not sure how...until he meets his final challenger and discovers that he, too, is tired of proving himself.  So they both decide to mess up their match so word will get out that they are no longer the best.

209. Big Mollusk On Campus
It’s time for the annual tide pool party with Bait’s Motel, and Herman wants to ask Hurley to go to with him.  But she thinks he’s just a UFO-hunting geek.  So Herman decides he has change himself in order to make Hurley like him.  When he sees how much she loves Bait’s Motel, he figures that if he can be a rock star Hurley will like him and go to the party with him.  It seems to work, and Hurley agrees to go to the party with him.  But when he tries to impress her with his singing and dancing at the tide pool party, he winds up looking like a fool again.  Then Hurley reveals her real date, the Big Mollusk on Campus, Butch.  It look like Herman is a total loser, until aliens (human tropical fish poachers) raid the tide pool and capture Bait’s Motel.  Herman decides to be himself again and, using his UFO-hunting skills, tracks down and saves Bait’s Motel.  And in the end, he realizes that he doesn’t need to be Hurley’s friend.  He’s got a new special friend—Min. 

It’s Christmas time and Click and Clack are making a list for Santa Clam of all the latest, greatest expensive toys they want.  Mama and Papa Clam don’t know how they can make Click and Clack’s Christmas wishes come true.  So Shelldon decides to teach Click and Clack and lesson.  He convinces a lodger at the inn—a disheveled old clam—to dress up as Santa Clam.  Shelldon builds a sleigh for his faux Santa and attaches makeshift reindeer sea horses.  Then he takes Click and Clack to a poor town and shows them that not everyone gets all the things they want on Christmas.  Chastened by the experience, Click and Clack decide to give their Christmas presents to families who cannot afford them, and have a much more joyous Christmas in the process. 

When Shelldon tries to put his new trampoline together he thinks he can do it himself, but quickly realizes it’s more than he can handle.  But because he’s too proud to ask for help, his friends are growing impatient.  They want to bounce.  Meanwhile, Louise the whale accidentally swallows baby Gaga’s toy submarine which gets stuck in her blowhole, making it hard for her to breath.  Feeling weak, she sinks to the bottom and lands in Shell Land.  Shelldon thinks he knows how to help her and goes on an adventure with Connie, Herman and Min inside Louise’s giant mouth.  But Shelldon again refuses to get help and tries to dislodge the toy sub himself, only to get into deeper trouble.  To make matters worse, Baft & Thwart use their boat to try to capture a weakened Louise.  Min and Connie grow impatient with Shelldon’s stubbornness and go off to get help from Dr. Bao, a Chinese herbalist.  In the end, Shelldon finally learns his lesson and asks for help.  Dr. Bao finds an herb that Louise is allergic to, and uses it to make her sneeze the toy sub out of her blowhole.  Baft & Thwart are chased off.  And Shelldon finally lets his friends help him build his trampoline.

When the Shrimp family comes to stay at the Charming Clam Inn, their tiny, son, Napoleon, is happy to play with Shelldon and his friends.  But poor napoleon is so small he can’t even dribble a ball, let along get it up to the basketball hoop.  He’s teased for being small and desperately wishes he could be big like the other kids.  Then interesting objects (like glasses and pens and combs) begin to rain down, and the folks of Shell Land soon discover they’re coming from a sunken freighter.  Everyone wants to gather up more of these alien goodies, so they enter the dark, mysterious freighter.  Then the current moves the ship and the cargo door closes.  They’re trapped inside and can’t get out.  But little Napoleon is so small he’s the only one who can get out through a  small pipe.  Then he frees Shelldon, Herman, Connie and Min.  But before they can free the others the ship moves again, blocking their way.  They try to get Louise the whale to help them, but she can’t break through the steel hull.  But Louise knows some guys that are just “small” enough to do the job: a bunch of tiny worms.  They burrow under the ship and cause it to tilt back the other way, freeing everyone.  In the end, little Napoleon is a hero, and he has learned that being small has its advantage.

When Crabby is abducted by aliens (i.e. caught in a scuba diver’s net), the others give him a wake and say nice things about him...until he comes to the wake himself!  Turns out he’s just fine, except for the beeping transponder the divers glued to his back.  When Shelldon and the gang learn from Dr. Shell that the transponder is way for the aliens (humans) to track sea creatures, Herman wonders if perhaps they put such a transponder of his father when they crab-napped him.  So he and the others go topside and find the divers in a boat where they “borrow” their tracking device and try to track down Herman’s father.  During their search, they wind up on a deserted island where they find an alien (human) castaway who was shipwrecked and is trapped on the island.  Herman wants to get revenge on the man for what his kind did to his dad, but soon learns that this man misses his wife and child as much as Herman misses his dad.  With new understanding and compassion, Herman brings help and the man is rescued.

214. Battle of the Burgers
When Cracken opens up a burger stand next to the Charming Clam Inn, everyone in Shell Lands starts gobbling his tasty kelp burgers, hooked on his great tasting “secret sauce”.  But soon people are getting so bulbous they float away and Shelldon and Herman must rescue them.  Then they help Mama Clam cook up a healthy burger to lure away Cracken’s customers.  But Cracken’s burgers are so good it’s not going to be easy...until Connie and Min discover the secret to Cracken’s secret sauce —it’s made of human garbage!

215. The Great Fish Race
When Cracken threatens to bulldoze the Jolly Roger Thrift Shop unless Janis pays ten-thousand sand dollars, Shelldon and his friends try to raise the money.  But nothing they try works out, and the grownups insist that kids can’t help with big problems like this one.  But Shelldon won’t take no for an answer.  Then he learns about The Great Fish Race and it’s ten-thousand sand dollar prize.  So he and his pals search for a fish to race.  After several failures they’re ready to give up again...until Louise comes by and Shelldon realizes they can ride her.  But Cracken isn’t about to let the kids win the prize money, so he enters the race—on a shark!  With Mugsley’s help he sets several traps for Louise.  But in the end they backfire and Shelldon and the gang win the prize money and save the Jolly Roger.

216. Cloudy With a Chance of Styrofoam
The people of Shell Land are ready to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the kingdom when it suddenly becomes dark, a situation that persists for days.  An investigation by Dr. Shell, Papa Clam and the kids reveals that the darkness wasn’t created by the weather but by a huge patch of garbage floating on the surface, created by humans.  It’s destroying the eco-system of Shell Land and if they don’t so something about it everyone in Shell Land will be forced to find a new home.  So Shelldon, Herman, Connie and Papa Clam head to the surface to try to get the two-leggers to haul the mess away.  But they fail...until they come across two scuba divers who spot the enormous floating trash patch and finally bring help.

217. A Tattle Tale
The story opens with Herman sharing his obsession with alien invaders with his class.  After his classmates, including Stan Starfish, express frustration, Herman feels he is the only one who really understands that the two-legger aliens (i.e. humans) are out to destroy sea creatures and their habitats.  When a distraught Emperor Erhu comes to Shell Land to seek assistance in preventing his island from being taken over by the two-leggers, he appeals to Papa Clam for assistance.  When he is turned down, Herman takes it upon himself to go to the island, and make Shelldon swear to silence.  When Herman’s mother starts to worry about his absence, Shelldon, plagued with guilt, finally reveals where Herman has gone.  A daring rescue from the Shell Landers saves his life.  Then the alien invaders (humans) notice that Herman is a rare type of hermit crab, and realize they cannot build on the island because it would destroy their habitat.  Herman is thankful to Shelldon for breaking his silence, and both of them promise that henceforth they will get approval for their adventur

218. Attack From Otter Space
Shelldon, Herman, and a few friends get so involved in a video game that they neglect their school work and their responsibilities at home.  But when Shelldon fails to keep a very important promise to help Dr. Shell to install an “early warning system” around the perimeter of Shell Land, his irresponsibility threatens everyone.  As a result, Shell Land is attacked by two otters who threaten to destroy anything in their path so they can catch shellfish.  When the attack advances to the Clam Shell Inn, Shelldon has to go into action.  He mobilizes his friends to use a tactic from the video game to distract the otters, giving him and his friends enough time to install Dr. Shell’s warning system—floating replicas of moray eels which scare the otters away.  Shelldon apologizes for letting everyone down, and for letting his schoolwork slip.

219. Liar, Liar, Shell on Fire
Shelldon establishes himself as a cool athlete on the trampoline.  But when a new kid, Nelson, comes to Shell Land and demonstrates his skills as an expert spelunker, Shelldon knows his star has been tarnished.  He makes claims to show he is knowledgeable about spelunking and then challenges Nelson to a hunt for treasure in a cave near Shell Land.  When the kids get trapped in the cave, Shelldon has to admit he doesn’t know what he is doing and looks to Nelson for help.  Nelson boldly steps up only to fail because he doesn’t know a lot about spelunking either.  Now they are really trapped.  Fortunately Mama and Papa Clam and Dr. Shell have figured out where the kids went on their little adventure and come to the rescue.  Dr. Shell leads everyone (including Cracken and Mugsley who believed Shelldon’s tale of a buried treasure) out of the cave and back to safety.  The boys have learned that lying always leads to more lies that you cannot sustain.  They are given the chance to use their newfound spelunking skills to clean the windows on the Clam Shell Inn as punishment.

220. The Day Mt. Papa Erupted
When Papa Clam hears that a volcano eruption is threatening to destroy Shell Land, he gets extremely agitated about the future of his community and his business.  In fact, he translates his frustration with his situation into explosions of temper, shouting at the kids and Mama Clam with little provocation.  In an effort to help him calm down and use his energy constructively, Shelldon starts videotaping his behavior.  When Papa Clam reacts negatively, Shelldon changes his strategy and videotapes the effect of his anger on others, especially his wife and children.  This time, when Papa Clam sees how awful the impact of his anger is on his family, he apologizes to them.  He also listens to Mama Clam who suggests they work together to save Shell Land, rather than just stewing in anger at their misfortune.  Dr. Shell comes in with an idea for a solution that will redirect the volcanic ash and lava flows.  Shell Land is saved and so is the Clam Shell Inn.

221. Shelldon’s Broken Promise
When Shelldon sees Min’s pet sea anemone he wants one for himself.  His parents warn him about the responsibility of taking care of pets, but Shelldon assures them he will take good care of it, feed it, clean up after it, etc.  Mama and Papa Clam grant his wish and Shelldon gets a sea anemone.  Naming him Larry, Shelldon teaches the anemone tricks by giving him a reward of food.  He is so excited about his pet’s proficiency that he feeds it all the time just to keep the anemone happy.  But soon Shelldon grows bored with his pet and tries to find a way to automatically feed it.  This leads to Larry overeating and growing too large for the inn.  When Larry escapes to find more food, Shelldon and the gang track him down. Larry takes Herman as his new friend and owner, then heads to shore to find more food.  Shelldon, Connie and Min rescue Herman, and find him a new home with a family of sea anemone. 

222. Saving Stan Starfish
Stan the star fish gets ill with a disease, ich, which is so serious it requires treatment by the two-leggers.  Dr. Shell asks Shelldon and Herman to help him take Stan to the Marine Institute on land and they balk, insisting Stan doesn’t deserve a favor from them because he is a bully.  Connie and Dr. Shell convince them to set aside their differences with Stan.  The guys agree but mainly because they want to help Dr. Shell.  Stan is grumpy and somewhat ungrateful on the adventuresome ride to the Marine Institute, but he later shows gratitude when they run into complications at the Marine Institute.  They find the medicine that can heal Stan, but the lab scientist keeps Stan in his lab and “frees” the group to return to Shell Land.  They all are tragically sad that they couldn’t bring Stan home and begin erecting a memorial to him.  But surprisingly Stan returns, healed by the two-legger scientist.  He shows off a bit, but ultimately thanks Herman, Shelldon, Connie and Dr. Shell for their help in making sure he was healed.

223. Lost and Found Out!
Herman is drawn into an escapade with Abby, a new girl who shares his paranoia about aliens plotting to take over the oceans, but specifically Shell Land and its inhabitants.  Not to be left out (and to protect his friend), Shelldon joins their first crusade.  Herman, as a safety measure has borrowed his father’s very special military uniform with a gold medal so he could be hidden by the camouflage fabric.  But to no avail, when they go to the oil rig they immediately run into two-leggers who are trying to save them, but who our kids think are out to harm them.  In the rush to get away, Herman’s uniform is lost and they are in deep trouble.  Herman confesses to his mother, she goes to Papa Clam, a new militia if organized to attack the aliens, and the kids get to come with the adults to retrieve the uniform.  In the end the uniform is returned and the kids understand that being silent about the truth is the same as lying.  And they also learn  how to find a lost object—retrace your steps.

224. Ghosts in the Shell Land
While on a photo safari, Shelldon, Connie and Herman, encounter a family of ghost fish.  Initially afraid, the kids realize that most creatures have a fearful reaction to the ghost family and never get to know them well enough to make friends.  As a result, the fish are isolated and lonely.  When the kids bring the ghost family to Shell Land, they are shocked that the Shell Landers won’t give the ghost family a chance to get acquainted and find a home.  Only when the ghost fish family saves the entire village from destruction by sharks do the residents of Shell Land realize how unfair they have been to not make friends.  The most vocal of the Shell Landers—Cracken, Crabby and Mrs. Prim—apologize to the ghost fish family and, to the family’s surprise, the community gets together and builds them a new home to say thank you for saving Shell Land.

225. An Amusing Adventure
The old amusement park in Shell Land has fallen upon hard times, the casualty of declining sales due to the popularity of handheld video games.  Families with children aren’t buying tickets anymore, so the park’s owner cannot invest in new equipment or upgrade the old rides so that kids will enjoy them.  As a result, the city wants to sell the land, and Cracken is poised to develop a new hotel complex with bookstore, putting Crabby and the Clam family out of business.  The kids realize they need to have a plan to save the amusement park.  While their families try to stave off the hearings at City Hall, the kids take a fun adventure to the two-legger amusement park near the tidal pools in search of ideas for new rides for the old park.  Once the new rides are installed at the Shell Land Amusement park, there are long lines for admission and the park is back in business again.

226. Herman Finds His Grandpa
When Herman's grandfather, Moe, comes to live with him and his mother, Herman immediately notices something different about him—he's even older than he remembers.  And his Grandpa, known for his exploits against the two-legged aliens, seems to lack the energy and alertness he once had.  When he repeatedly doesn't recognize Herman and tells the same story over and over, Herman asks his mother what’s wrong.  She tells him that Grandpa's brain doesn't work the same way it used to.  He may forget many things but also  get stuck on something important, like the failed battle with the two-leggers where several crabs including his friends were lost. When Grandpa goes missing, Herman has the challenge of finding him and returning him home safely.  Herman cheerfully is reunited with his Grandpa and learns to love and enjoy him just as he is.