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101. Crabby’s School Daze
When Shelldon learns that Crabby dropped out of school, he convinces him to join their class and earn his overdue diploma. Lessons are learned all around, as Mr. Inky Squid pairs all the students up to help each other with their strengths and weaknesses. While Connie and Herman help each other with Math and Woodshop, Shelldon helps Crabby re-learn how to be a student and they both help each other against the school bully.

102. Mascot Mojo
Shelldon dreams of being part of his school's football team, but he just doesn't make the cut due to his scrawny physique. The only way he can participate as a team player is to be the team's mascot, Fugu Frank. This involves putting on an embarrassing blowfish costume, and so Shelldon tries to hide his shame from his family and friends.  But when Shelldon the Mascot scores a spectacular (albeit accidental) win for his team, he becomes Shell Land's star athlete. The problem his that he can only perform his athletic feats provided he wears the costume, which he believes give him special “mascot mojo”.

103. Alien Encounter
Mysterious lights, alien shapes and other strange sightings have been witnessed more frequently in Shell Land. Herman is convinced that these lights come from extra-terrestrial
spacecraft above.
On the anniversary of his father's “abduction” and disappearance, Herman believes that the same “spacecraft” that took his father will return once again. Herman is determined to let himself be 'taken' on board the “spacecraft” and be brought to the surface where he can find his father. But when Shelldon gets taken instead, Herman goes to his rescue, boarding the treacherous alien ship where tons of sea creatures are hauled up and left to die on it's decks. Can Herman save his friend in time?

104. Baby Shark Blues
When a baby shark's mother falls prey to brutal shark's fin poachers, her newborn shark pup is left to fend for itself. Witnessing this, Shelldon and Herman take pity on the poor orphaned pup and decide to take him in. They name him “Sharkey” and take him back to Shell Land.
The trouble is, Sharkey's presence terrifies the other Shell Landers. After all, who would like to live with a carnivorous predator in their midst? Shelldon and Herman have no other choice but to let Sharkey return to his natural habitat and find him an adoptive family that would take him in.

105.  Tide of Doom
Springtime in Shell Land is especially hot this year. The rise in underwater temperatures brought about by Global Warming causes tempers to flare within Shelldon's community. Even worse, it brings about a rampant algal bloom dubbed the Red Tide – a bulbous monstrosity of ever-spawning red algae. The Shell Landers unite to dispel this adversary before it engulfs their community

106.  Shell Gone
Herman convinces Shelldon to give-up his shell for a flashy new substitute, all in the name of fashion. But when his new gizmo of a shell breaks apart, casting him into trouble and humiliation, Shelldon and friends must embark on a perilous quest to recover his natural shell, deep into the dark and dangerous kelp forest.

107.Slime, Crime and a Hard Time
A crime has been committed and Shelldon’s father, Papa has been fingered as the perpetrator. Worse still, the Charming Clam inn has been cordoned off as a crime scene, leaving the Clam family homeless. Smelling something terribly fishy, Shelldon and friends decide to carry out some sleuthing of their own in an attempt to clear Papa’s name. What they soon uncover, is that not everything, or everyone, is what they appear to be…

108.  Meet The Cowries
A pair of well-dressed guests visits the Charming Clam Inn. Unappreciative, and always bargaining for freebies, they turn out to be the worst customers ever. They also happen to be Connie's parents. Connie tries to hide from them, and comical situations ensue when she hides her identity from them. She knows that they will surely disapprove of her working part-time at the Charming Clam.  Shelldon and friends learn that the couple is here on Cracken's orders to evict the current occupants of the Charming Clam and their neighbours, so as to get to the crude oil that is believed to exist beneath their homes. When the townsfolk get to hear of their scheme, they angrily unite to chase the couple out. Even Shelldon and Herman join in. Poor Connie is torn between joining the lynch mob and standing by her parents.

109.  Locked Out!
Shelldon is left with the care of his younger twin siblings, Click and Clack when Mama and Papa Clam go off on a holiday. Shelldon abuses his newfound authority by ordering them to do household chores and even his homework while he and Herman enjoy themselves by watching TV.  Infuriated, Click and Clack decide to teach their older brother a lesson. They lock Shelldon and Herman out of the inn, and set up a series of booby traps to spring on would-be intruders. Time and time again, Shelldon and Herman fall into these cunning traps as they try to get back at the wily twins.

110.  Pay Happiness Forword
Idealistic Connie starts a project to make Shell Land a “kinder, gentler” place. She implements her 'Pay It Forward' campaign, where every favour or act of kindness must be paid forward to the next person. But when even her best friends, Shelldon and Herman, fail to share her enthusiasm for her project, she forces her ideas down the throats of Shell Landers. Eventually, Connie discovers the true spirit behind helping others, which must come with kindness and consideration.

111.  Guru of the Ocean
It is Mayor Lusk's birthday, and everyone in Shell Land is celebrating. The townsfolk remember how in his younger days Lusk used his “magical powers” to save the town from would-be predators and other external threats. When pressed for a demonstration of his “powers”, Lusk modestly declines, saying that he is not physically up to the task.  Shelldon and Herman decide to investigate on Lusk. Perhaps he might have some book of magic hidden somewhere in his office. The kids fail to find Lusk in his office, but chance upon a door that when opened, leads them to labyrinthine subterranean catacombs. In this location, they learn the truth behind Lusk's “magic” ­- that the old guru of the ocean was no wizard with mystical powers, merely an illusionist. Shelldon and Herman must now decide whether or not to let the rest of the town know about Lusk's well-kept secret.

112.  I, Shellbot
Dr. Shell builds a robot, and programs it to help the people of Shell Land. Named Shellbot, its primary task is to make life better for everyone. Not being able to understand the nuances of speech, the robot takes things literally and does more harm than good when he tries to help, causing trouble for everyone in the process.  The townsfolk start to blame Dr. Shell for their troubles. Overhearing what some of the Shell Landers have said in passing, the robot concludes that by eliminating Dr. Shell, life will get better for everyone. It then goes on a mission to destroy its own creator.

113.  Beware The Werefish!
Shelldon, Herman and Connie and some of the kids in school embark on their first camping trip. Their teacher, Inky, warn them not to venture into the area where the infamous dreaded Werefish is rumored to dwell.  Shelldon and Herman decide to scare the girls by playing a prank on them. They wear a makeshift costume to look like the werefish. But things go awry when the real werefish appears and kidnaps Connie. Shelldon and Herman have got to rescue her. What the kids discover that the werefish is actually a recluse who was physically disfigured as a result of dynamite fishing. They also learn that there is more to the werefish than meets the eye...


114.  Brand New Day
The Shell Landers are warned about imminent disaster by Lusk, Guru Of The Ocean. But his words fall on deaf ears and they continue to busy themselves with preparations for the O'Limpet Games. Just as the said games are about to begin, a tsunami strikes and destroys Shell Land, causing major casualties and devastation to the town. Some of the show's major characters have also been swept away, and a search is conducted to retrieve them.  As they rebuild the town and their lives, one grain of sand at a time, Shelldon sings a song to raise everyone's spirits, "One Grain of Sand".

115.  One Grain of Sand
Connie is determined to prove to her peers that she is beautiful or at least qualify for the Shell Land beauty pageant. She seeks the advice of Mrs. Prim, who takes Connie under her wings.  Mrs. Prim gets to relive her heyday dreams when she takes part in a beauty pageant if only as a coach rather than a contestant. She thinks that Connie is not only able to qualify for the beauty pageant, but that she can win the crown too. Mrs. Prim has a mantra: “One Grain of Sand” - reinforcing her philosophy that it takes patience and endurance to produce a thing of beauty, such as a pearl.  But Connie realizes that she gets more than what she had bargained for when she endures a kind of Beauty Boot Camp under the tutelage of Mrs. Prim!

116.  Fast Food Fiasco
Cracken launches a new line of processed foods and TV dinners called Just-Like-Mama's. The product line has a catchy tagline: “Just Like Mama Made 'Em”. What is needed now is a face to go with it. Enter Mama Clam, who is hired as a model for the foods.  The marketing for Just-Like-Mama's becomes a roaring success, and as a result, Mama Clam's celebrity begins to grow. She becomes a role model to women throughout Shell City. But not everyone is pleased with her success. Papa Clam, the real culinary genius behind Mama Clam's success, grows increasingly resentful of the attention his wife is getting.

117.  Love at The Opera
Mrs. Prim is eager to catch a grand opera that is coming to town, but is unable to get hold of tickets. She is put off by Crabby who expresses his disdain for opera. However, unbeknownst to Mrs. Prim, Crabby has secretly obtained a pair of tickets with the help of Shelldon and Herman. But before Crabby can present his surprise gift to her and ask her on a date, Mrs. Prim has already accepted an invitation to the event by Cracken.   Cracken not only impresses her with seats at the VIP balcony, but with extravagant gifts and a lavish dinner at a fancy restaurant. Initially impressed by what she thinks is a “cultured side” to Cracken's personality, she eventually discovers Cracken's true nature, and that he is no more than a rich brat who is used to getting his way.

118.  Trapped In The Shallows
Shelldon and Herman go on a school field trip to the mangrove swamp called the Shallows. It dense forested area with murky water and many strange plants and marine creatures. As usual, Herman's curiosity gets the better of him and dragging Shelldon along, they travel into shallower waters.  Time goes by without them knowing and as the tide falls, Herman and Shelldon find themselves on land, with birds scavenging above, and no where to hide. Escaping from a hungry bird, Herman trips and hurts one of his legs. Being unable to move, Herman has no choice but to stay behind. While Shelldon races back to deeper waters for help, the injured Herman tries desperately to survive from being eaten by strange land animals searching for prey…

119.  Crabby's Mega Books
Shelldon finds a rare book in Crabby's store...that makes a foolish wish come true.

120.  Get a Life
When Baits Motel's career suddenly starts to take off after Sam quits the band and is replaced by Connie, it's up to Shelldon and Herman to sabotage their big show and reunite the original members.

121.  Doc Rock
Shelldon’s rock star idol John Lister comes to town and stays at the Inn.  Shelldon is so excited he overdoes his desire to “help” John Lister prepare for his concert – and Lister ends up losing his voice.  Shelldon and his friends get Dr. Shell to impersonate Lister onstage.  Lister shows up after all, good as new, and sings a song with a lyric written by Shelldon.

122.  Small Shells, Big City
Shelldon and Herman make their first parentless excursion into the big city with Connie as their chaperone, but when loses all their money to a street grifter squid, all three devise quick money-making schemes so they can return home.

123.  Citizen Clam
Shelldon and Nikki Nautilus compete against Cecil Cracken’s team in a sand sled race.  Preparing for the race, Shelldon learns a lot about Cracken’s early history, and why he’s become such an old meanie.

124.  You’re Not Welcome
The Clams convince Dr. Shell to take a long overdue vacation. As soon as he leaves some microscopic “babies” are left in a basket at the Inn.  The family tries to care for these strange creatures, unsure of what to do.  An oil spill threatens to destroy the very beach where Dr. Shell is vacationing. Shelldon and his friends learn the “Babies” are oil-eating bacteria and the beach is saved!

125.  Shelldon Makes Waves (The Original Pilot)
We meet Shelldon, the Clam family and all of his friends. Shelldon learns he is adopted and brings the town together to save their village from an ecological disaster.

126.  The Great Treasure
While looking for a way to help the Charming Clam Inn attract some more customers, Shelldon, Connie and Herman go to Crabby’s book store and learn the tale of what happened in Shell City 200 years earlier, when the pirate Blue Barnacle buried a treasure. They find his map in an old book and look for it, hoping its riches will save the In