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เชลล์ดอนคอนนี่ด็อกเตอร์เชลล์เฮอร์แมนมิสซิสพรีมปาป้าแคลมมาม่าแคลมคลิกแคล็กแคร็บบี้ฮุค แซม แม็ค

Mama Clam's soft-spoken and demure demeanor belies her steel magnolia interior. She is a cool-headed wife and mother who is not easily daunted by hardship or challenges. Raised in the cut-throat, fast-paced Shell City, Mama Clam is savvy, a careful planner who always seems to know the perfect solution to a problem. At home, Mama prefers to take a back seat and to let her husband run the household. However, being a shrewd housewife, she knows exactly how to manipulate Papa into doing her bidding. Mama is a total failure when it comes to cooking, yet she remains oblivious to the dire effects of her cooking, made worse by the fact that everyone in the family tries to hide it for fear of hurting her feelings. Her abject lack of culinary skills is a running joke in the series.