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เชลล์ดอนคอนนี่ด็อกเตอร์เชลล์เฮอร์แมนมิสซิสพรีมปาป้าแคลมมาม่าแคลมคลิกแคล็กแคร็บบี้ฮุค แซม แม็ค

Hard riding, heavy metal rocking, thug fishes Hook, Sam and Mack are the resident biker gang bully-boys of Shell Land, a general nuisance to society. Together they form the failed rock band "Baits Motel" and see themselves as self-styled rock rebels. Sneers and snarls are perpetually etched on their faces. As a group, Hook, Sam and Mack cut an intimidating presence. And yet, despite their mean looks and rough exteriors, these thug fishes are really a good-hearted bunch who would never lay a finger on anyone.