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เชลล์ดอนคอนนี่ด็อกเตอร์เชลล์เฮอร์แมนมิสซิสพรีมปาป้าแคลมมาม่าแคลมคลิกแคล็กแคร็บบี้ฮุค แซม แม็ค

Herman was the first to befriend Shelldon when he first arrived in Shell Land. They have remained best friends ever since. He and his single-parent mum run a scrap yard at the edge of town called the Jolly Roger. Curious by nature, Herman enjoys scouring unexplored areas for treasures (junk) that he can bring back to sell at the store. He has an immense infatuation with "Alien" artifacts and "paranormal" events. This is further fueled by the belief that his father was "abducted" by the "Giant Aliens" (humans) from the "World Above". Herman is brazen and not easily daunted. Impetuous and stubborn, he tends to hatch hare-brained schemes that often land the trio into trouble and in the process, drive Connie up the wall. Fortunately, he rises to the occasion through his resourcefulness and resilience. His unwavering loyalty to his friends more than makes up for his faults.