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เชลล์ดอนคอนนี่ด็อกเตอร์เชลล์เฮอร์แมนมิสซิสพรีมปาป้าแคลมมาม่าแคลมคลิกแคล็กแคร็บบี้ฮุค แซม แม็ค

Dr. Shell has been a guest in the Charming Clam ever since it was set up and has become something of a permanent resident there. A brilliant yet scatter-brained inventor, he has traveled widely across the seas in search of inspiration. He is not interested in making money, only the social benefits his inventions bring to others. No one knows when Dr. Shell will hit the road again. For now, he seems to have found a home in Shell Land. Maybe this is due to the appreciation he gets from the kids, who are always eager to try out his new inventions, as opposed to more skeptical grown-ups.