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CG Animated Television Series



22 minute, CG-Animated Children's Action-Comedy Television Series. Target viewership is ages 4-8.


As established in the first 26 episodes, “Shelldon” is a lighthearted and uplifting series with stories that revolve around friendship and adventure, told within an “anthropomorphic world” centered in an idyllic coral reef community called Shell Land, a friendly sub-urban town situated in the shallow waters off the Andaman Islands. Each standalone episode revolves around the exploits of a young shell named Shelldon who, together with his best friends Herman and Connie, learn to deal with the growing pains and day-to-day problems that children across the world encounter. In the process, they find themselves embroiled in situations that lead to exciting adventures and humorous situations.


Shelldon has been living in Shell Land all his life, and he’s bored with it. Like all kids, he wants more—more excitement, more fun, and more interesting adventures.

One day while reading an old book in Crabby’s bookstore, Shelldon learns about Shello Polo, a famous explorer who set out hundreds of years earlier to discover new worlds and fabulous treasure. Something about this is very exciting to Shelldon, and stirs something deep within him. When Crabby insists that Shello Polo was a fraud and crackpot, Shelldon strongly disagrees, insisting that exploration and discovery of new places and things are awesome.

When Shelldon returns home and tells his parents that he wants to be an explorer like Shello Polo they are shocked. That’s when Shelldon learns a startling fact. His parents reveal that Shello is Shelldon’s ancestor. His parents never told him because Shello Polo shamed Shelldon’s family and abandoned them to search for treasure. He failed to find any and died penniless, though legend has it he died a very happy man. Others throughout the years did not believe this and were sure he was very sad and upset when he passed away. Since then, everyone has agreed on one thing: Shello Polo was a crazy old crackpot and brought shame to the family. But Shelldon doesn’t believe it.

Shelldon is even more surprised when Papa Clam gives him a few family heirlooms, which were hidden away in the attic, that have been passed down through the generations. One is a TREASURE COMPASS! Instead of pointing to north (with the normal N at the top), it points to treasure and has an X at the top. “X marks the spot!” It’s a magical compass that points the way to awesome adventures. The second heirloom given to Shelldon is a cool looking magical brass TIME TELESCOPE that can not only see into the distance, but into time, both the past and future! (Actually, it sees into Shelldon’s imagination, so no one else can see anything out of the ordinary when they look through it.)

Shello Polo never found any treasure, and no one has tried since because they all know it’s just a silly dream. But Shelldon has been infected by the dream. He’s sure it’s true. And he’s going to find the treasure that Shello was looking for, whatever it might be. His parents try to warn him, but Shelldon doesn’t heed them. He’s been bitten by the explorer bug. He’s sure the X stands for Xplore. For Xciting! “It’s Xactly what I’ve always dreamed of,” says Shelldon.

Though Shelldon must go to school and deal with everyday things like homework and bullies and friendships, he is always dreaming about how to find the X his treasure compass points to. Exploration and wonder of the unknown is the theme that will drive Shelldon and season 2’s stories. Shelldon’s “explorations” will include his normal world within Shell Land, and learning the lessons of family, friends and society. But he will also occasionally travel out of this comfortable world and into the exciting world of the vast ocean that surrounds his home, including the dry and dangerous land of humans, high above. But wherever he is, Shelldon will always explore his own imagination, and the imaginations of others as well.

Now that the secret is out about Shello Polo, people whisper about Shelldon’s family. Some think they’re crazy. Others are jealous that they have the secret to finding treasure. Because of this, Shelldon is a bit of an outcast; but he also admired. He defends his famous ancestor, and wants to prove that Shello Polo was a great person, not a crank. To do this he must find the X that his compass points to, whatever it might be.

To help him find the X, Shelldon created a secret club: The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club, with a cool “coral tree house” headquarters, a club flag and cute little seashell badges. He recruited Connie and Herman to join his club. Their goal is to discover the X and prove that Shello Polo wasn’t a crackpot, but a true historical hero. Unfortunately, they haven’t a clue where the X is, nor what they will find there.

Although Shelldon and his friends will ultimately always fail to discover the X, nor any valuable treasure, they will discover valuable aspects of their own character, and learn important life lessons about people, places and the sea. In essence, they will come to see that curiosity, discovery and learning new things are the real treasures of life!


The themes of the “Shelldon” series will now be expanded. They will include the emotional and humorous aspect of growing up, getting along with others and surviving in an ever-changing world. But they will now include Shelldon’s new mission of search and discovery. It boils down to this: Life is not so much about finding treasure; it’s about the excitement of imagining what’s around the next bend, of searching for and discovering new things.

At the heart of each episode’s story lies the belief that there is an intrinsic goodness in everyone, and that every member of a community, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is capable of doing great things that can make a difference to others. You just have to take up the challenge. The dominant themes behind the series include: being true to oneself, friendship, teamwork, doing the right thing, making a difference, and caring for the environment.


Now that the format of “Shelldon” has expanded into the exploration of places and things inside and outside of Shell Land, so too will the characters expand beyond their previous personalities.  With the revelation that Shello Polo was Shelldon’s ancestor, the attitudes and motivations of our characters will shift in both good and bad ways.


Shelldon is no longer shy and reserved. He is an enthusiastic dreamer and wants to explore his world, both inside and outside the perimeter of Shell Land. He is the leader of The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club, and Herman and Connie look up to and admire his imagination and fortitude. When he is not attending school or hanging out with his friends, Shelldon spends much of his time planning his next exploration at his coral tree house headquarters.

Shelldon is tired of the dull life in Shell Land, and wants to explore. He wants to make a name for himself, like his great explorer ancestor, Shello Polo. His father worries that it’s too dangerous, and often urges him to remain within the safe harbor of Shell Land. But Shelldon’s mother understands her son’s vision and passion, and although she pretends to agree with Papa, she winks at Shelldon and even helps him with his adventures.

With the help of Shello’s Magic Compass and Time Telescope, Shelldon follows his imagination and dreams as he takes amazing and funny adventures both inside and outside Shell Land. Upon learning that he’s related to Shello Polo, and getting his compass and scope, Shelldon becomes more enthusiastic about life. He can barely contain his imagination and awe about the possibilities in the world around him. His imagination is always going to extremes now, and it takes Connie and Herman to keep his feet on the ground. Thus, Shelldon now has a mental dilemma: on the one hand he’s told by his elders and teacher that the world is “known territory”, that rules must be followed, and to always remember “safety first”; on the other hand, Shelldon has gotten a peek at some of the wonderful and amazing things that lie beyond Shell Land, and he’s determined not only to check them out, but to discover new people, places and things as well. And that is the spirit of Shelldon, both as a character and as a series.

Shelldon at a glance:

• His dream: to make amazing discoveries and prove his ancestor, Shello Polo, wasn’t a crackpot.

• His attitude: to boldly go where no mollusk has gone before.

• His greatest fear: that he’ll be proven wrong and people will think he’s crazy like Shello Polo.

• His greatest weakness: letting other people’s negative comments affect him.

• His weirdest quirk: liking to try on other shells to see what they make him feel like.

• His greatest talent: the ability to see things with his imagination that no one else can (especially when looking through his Time Telescope).



Herman was the first to befriend Shelldon when he arrived in Shell Land. They have remained best friends ever since. He and his single-parent mum run a scrap yard at the edge of town called the Jolly Roger.

Curious by nature, Herman enjoys scouring unexplored areas for treasures (junk) that he can recycle into amazing, fun contraptions!  His dream is to one day turn all of his junk into a UFO (Underwater Flying Object) and rocket out of the sea and into the stars so that he can rescue his father whom he believes was abducted by giant humanoid “aliens”.  Herman believes that starfish fell to the sea from outer space, and is determined to someday prove it.  He has an immense infatuation with “Alien” artifacts and “paranormal” events. 

When Herman learns of Shelldon’s Magic Compass and Time Telescope, he’s determined to see if they can help him in his quest to find his father. That’s why he joined The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club. Herman thinks that Shello Polo was probably abducted by aliens like his dad.

A bit crazy with the “bends” from swimming too deep, Herman tends to hatch hare-brained schemes that often land the trio into trouble, and in the process, drive Connie up the wall. Herman isn’t fearless; he’s just too stupid to know that most of the things he does are dangerous. Fortunately, he rises to the occasion through his resourcefulness and resilience. His unwavering loyalty to his friends more than makes up for his faults.



Connie admires Shelldon’s adventurous spirit, but being brought up in the lap of luxury she has a hard time getting used to “roughing it” on their adventures. Now that she has gained the honest affection of Shelldon and Herman, and knows they don’t like her for her money, Connie lets down her guard and reveals to them that she is really a rich city girl. But they still love her.

Now she wants to use her money for good and for the environment, so she happily joins The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club,and agrees to finance Shelldon’s adventures.

But she’s torn between the extravagance of wealth she learned from her parents, and the frugality she learned from living at The Charming Clam. Having decided to allow herself to spend her money again she comically goes overboard, spending wildly on frivolous things. She is the voice of reason in the club, between Shelldon’s wild adventurous spirit, and Herman’s crazy alien-centric antics.


Papa Clam

Papa Clam is a proud, emotional father to Shelldon, and would do anything for his adopted son.  One of the reasons he seemed to be so frazzled at times is because he’d always been keeping the truth about Shello Polo a secret from Shelldon.  Now that he’s revealed the truth about Shelldon’s ancestor, Shello Polo, he is relieved and proud to tell Shelldon some of the stories he’s been hiding from him all these years.  Papa has a thick book of engravings that reveal mysterious clues to Shello Polo’s past, and he loves to embellish these stories and make them sound even more implausible than they already are.

Papa Clam warns Shelldon not to tell anyone else about these stories because he knows they’ll think the boy is loony and make fun of him.  But the secret eventually gets out, and Shelldon must learn to live with the ridicule. 

Shelldon is awed when Papa Clam opens up an old wooden chest and gives him his great ancestor’s Magic Compass and Time Telescope.  Now that the truth it out, Papa Clam is anxious to give his sage advice to young Shelldon and help him on his journey of discovery.

Mama Clam

When Papa Clam told Shelldon that he was a descendant of Shello Polo, and the young mollusk got infected with the germ of discovery, Mama Clam had a similar change of heart.  Seeing how excited Shelldon was about wanting to explore and discover new things, Mama Clam realized that she had been repressing her own love of discovering new things.  Now she’s obsessed with exploring new cooking possibilities and becoming a great chef.  The others are embarrassed when she reveals she’s known all along that they think her cooking is awful.

But that’s going to change.  Now she watches the SeaFood Network, and is always experimenting, creating good, bad and explosive concoctions.  Poor Papa is her guinea pig, and is hard-pressed to compliment her.  Mama Clam is determined to turn The Charming Clam into a “Five Starfish” restaurant, and she’s always asking Shelldon to bring her back interesting ingredients from his explorations.


Click & Clack

Click and Clack are Shelldon’s mischievous, hyperactive twin younger siblings.  Now that they know that they, too, are related to Shello Polo, they want to go along on Shelldon’s adventures.  But Mama Clam won’t let them because they’re too young.  This makes them very upset, and so they do the next best thing—they try to sabotage Shelldon’s adventures!  They do this by setting traps, stowing away, stealing his magic Compass and Time Telescope, anything to have a little adventure for themselves. 

Dr. Shell

Dr. Shell is a brilliant yet scatter-brained inventor and a permanent resident of The Charming Clam.  His room is filled with all kinds of crazy gadgets and gizmos making it look like a cluttered inventor’s workshop.  Dr. Shell is Herman’s mentor, and Herman is constantly seeking Dr. Shell’s advice about how to turn his junk into valuable “eco-friendly” inventions.  Dr. Shell was thrilled to learn the truth about Shelldon’s great explorer ancestor, and he’s the only one in Shell Land that doesn’t tease Shelldon about it.  
Because Shelldon made Dr. Shell an unofficial member of The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club, Dr. Shell gives Shelldon whacky new inventions to help him on his road to discovery.  Think of Dr. Shell as Yoda to Shelldon’s impetuous Luke Skywalker.

Mrs. Prim

Once a former beauty queen, Mrs. Prim runs the town’s only beauty parlor, Shrimp de Salon. With her clipped British accent and decorous ways, Mrs. Prim is Shell Land’s town gossip.  She can’t keep a secret no matter how much she swears she will.  When she was cutting Shelldon’s hair she swore she’d never tell anyone that Shelldon’s ancestor was Shello Polo.  The next day everyone in Shell Land knew!  The worse the news the faster Mrs. Prim passes it along, especially if by passing it along it might increase her business.  She’s like a one-shrimp Twitter for Shell Land.  They say “loose lips sink ships”.  Well, Mrs. Prim could sink an entire navy!


Think of Luther as a whacky cab driver.  People hop on him and he ferries them around Shell Land, giving his pessimistic “two cents” on matters of the day.  Because most sea creatures can swim, Luther has a hard time making a living.  So he holds down several additional jobs: pizza delivery, express package service, and meter maid to name a few.  Every time we see Luther he’ll be doing some new form of silly transportation job.


Hook, Sam and Mack

(Hook is a yellow regal cichlid; Sam is a sockeye salmon; Mack is a mackerel.)

Hook, Sam and Mack are the heavy-metal bikers of Shell Land.  Despite their tough-guy persona, these dumb dudes are really a good-hearted bunch.  They’re friends of Shelldon’s, and come to his rescue on occasion. 
They think his being related to Shello Polo is totally cool, and have even written a theme song for The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club called “Undercover Discoverer”, dedicated to Shelldon.  They hate it when people tease Shelldon about his ancestor and are quick to come to his defense, though they’re so dumb they don’t even know who Shello Polo really is.  They think he discovered water polo.



Crabby is the grouchy owner of the neighbourhood bookstore. Because he’s worried about his bookstore’s reputation and fears losing customers, he pretends to tease Shelldon about his relation to Shello Polo when customers are around, but in private he admires Shelldon and Shello Polo, and offers Shelldon help with research books, maps, etc. 
Crabby desperately searches for his own famous relatives, and comes up with silly false examples, like Albert Crabstein and Ludwig von Crabhoven.


Mr. Inky Squid

Mr. Inky Squid is Shelldon and gang’s school teacher, and hapless victim of pranks by some of the naughtier children in his class.  He is totally clueless to this nonsense and doesn’t even realize when he’s being made fun of.  Mr. Squid loves to teach history, and his favorite subject is debunking Shello Polo, who he believes is a fraud and liar.  This makes Shelldon quite upset, but he can’t defend Shello in class for fear of attracting even more ridicule. 

Mr. Squid doesn’t do this out of spite.  He’s sure that “everyone knows” Shello Polo is a fraud, and assumes Shelldon knows it as well.


Nikki Nautilus

Nikki is a good-looking TV celebrity with a cult following amongst the youngsters in Shell Land and Shell City.  He’s famous for his daredevil stunts.  When Nikki learns that Shelldon is related to Shello Polo he immediately thinks he could exploit this if it’s true.  So he makes a deal with Shelldon that if he does discover something important, Nikki (like Geraldo Rivera) will get exclusive rights to put the news, and Shelldon, on TV.  Of course, when he does, Nikki plans to take full credit for the discovery and create a whole new TV series around it.



Cecil C. Cracken is a wealthy, egotistical, unscrupulous business mogul.  This sneaky sea slug is obsessed with making money. Already the richest man in Shell City, Cracken has his sights set on someday owning Shell Land and renaming it Cracken City.  

Cracken’s spy, Mugsley, has discovered an important secret: Shelldon has a magical compass and telescope.  Now Cracken will do anything to get his hands on them because he’s sure they will give him the power and wealth he craves. 
He must, must, must find the X before Shelldon does, because he’s convinced that the X hides treasure beyond his wildest dreams.  Cracken will devise various schemes to trick or steal the company and scope from Shelldon.  And sometimes he will succeed.  But because it is Shelldon’s imagination that powers the compass and telescope, Cracken and his cohorts can never get them to work.  He just doesn’t understand it.  But that doesn’t stop him from trying again and again.



Or “Mugs” as he is referred to by Cracken, is the tycoon’s sly lieutenant.  Mugsley doesn’t like playing second fiddle and has grand ambitions for himself.  But he’s a fool, and his double-crossing schemes always backfire, leaving chastened Mugsley to do his master’s bidding.  He’ll occasionally try to get Shelldon’s compass and telescope for himself, but when he does his delusions of grandeur always bring him down.


Hurley is the popular “It” girl in Coral Deep.  She’s rich and powerful, and people want to be her friend because they either want some money or are afraid of her.  Though Hurley is trying to change, and become a nicer person, she often slips up and reverts to her old ways, acting selfish or snooty.  Thus, she sometimes uses her wealth to influence her friends and get her way, causing friction.

Although Hurley is now friends with Shelldon and Connie, she is compelled to keep up her “It girl” status, and thus tells her other friends that The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club is stupid kid stuff, and so she isn’t interested in joining.  But the truth is, she’s a secret member and is excited when occasionally goes on an adventure with Shelldon and the gang.  But if she gets caught by her other school friends she’s quick to disavow any knowledge of the club and denies being any part of it.  When Hurley does go on a club adventure she’ll usually spend extravagantly to make sure her journey is comfortable.

Herman is still infatuated with Hurley, despite her expressed disdain for him.  His enduring crush exasperates Shelldon and Connie, who feel protective of him.



Every school has a bully, and at Coral Deep it’s Stan Starfish.  Stan gets pleasure out of tormenting the weaker kids at school, especially Shelldon and Herman.  But, like all bullies, Stan is more bluster than bite, and when anyone actually stands up to him, he tends to back down.  Stan can sometimes have a more reasonable side to his nature, enabling to see when he’s been wrong.  But he’s also got a tough-guy reputation to maintain, so after doing something right he’s quick to revert to doing everything wrong again.



These new characters are designed to focus and emphasize the new “discovery” theme of the series.  They will be the focus of several episodes each.  In order to emphasize these characters, some of the existing characters, above, may be deemphasized in future stories. 

Shello Polo

Although Shello Polo vanished hundreds of years ago, one person can still see him and talk to him.  Shelldon!  How?  By looking through his Time Telescope.  Occasionally, and when he least expects it, Shelldon will peer through his scope and see the ghostly figure of Shello Polo.  He’s a crazy looking explorer with a coral “feather” in his cap and tall boots.  He’s a Yoka shell just like Shelldon, and looks a bit like Shelldon as well. 

Shello PoloShello Polo urges Shelldon on to adventure and discovery.  He helps him get past his inner doubts, and acts like a wise mentor in difficult times.  urges Shelldon on to adventure and discovery.  He helps him get past his inner doubts, and acts like a wise mentor in difficult times. 

Because Shelldon’s friends never see Shello (or any of the things that Shelldon sees through his Time Telescope), they think Shelldon is imagining it.  Who knows?  Maybe he is.  Maybe he imagines Shello to look the way he wishes he would look if he were a famous explorer.  Shelldon, too, sometimes wonders if Shello Polo is real.  Then he remembers the thrill of exploration and discovery and rushes off into his next adventure. 


Baft & Thwart are two greedy human treasure hunters who don’t care what damage they do to the ocean or marine life.  They epitomize irresponsible neglect of the environment and eco system.  Baft is the small, nasty leader of the two.
Thwart is his huge, dumb partner.  Baft & Thwart man a stinky motor craft (looks like a rusty fishing boat with lots of tangled radar and sonar equipment).  They will come in contact with Shelldon and his friends who always manage to stop Baft & Thwart’s nefarious schemes.  In his quest for treasure, Baft uses a radio-controlled submersible called SNOOP.



SNOOP is an acronym for Submersible Navigation & Ocean Observation Probe.  SNOOP is just a lifeless radio-controlled robot.  He talks in a computer voice consisting of single words and short phrases.  Because SNOOP’s camera and lights give him an adorable face, Shelldon and his friends mistakenly think that SNOOP is alive and befriend him.  When Shelldon asks SNOOP if he wants to be a member of The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club, SNOOP’s camera lens scans up and down and Shelldon assumes he’s said yes.  Although Baft & Thwart control SNOOP from their boat, Shelldon’s magic compass interferes with the radio signals, and SNOOP appears to have a comical mind of his own.



Captain 8-Ball is a dark purple (almost black) octopus with a number 8 on his head.  Like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain 8-Ball helms a sunken ship propelled by fabulous transparent jellyfish sails.  Although he looks mean, he’s a really a sweetheart, and helps Shelldon in his search for treasure.  Shelldon and his friends will often use Captain 8-Ball’s ship in his travels.  Captain 8-Ball has a comical parrot fish on his shoulder that repeats his every word to the point of everyone’s exasperation.



On one of his journeys, Shelldon comes to face to face (actually, face to eye) with an enormous whale named Louise.  Because Louise is so big, little Shelldon can have exciting interactions with her, both on the outside and on the inside.  Inside her humongous maw, that is.  Louise would never eat Shelldon because she’s a very friendly whale.  But if Louise were to swallow something important, Shelldon and his club mates might take an exciting journey inside her cavernous interior. 

Louise is sometimes hunted by mysterious whalers who try to net her from above.  So little Shelldon can also help big Louise out of dangerous situations.  Humor will come from the tremendous difference between big Louise and our little shell creatures.  Just blowing her blowhole can send Shelldon and company off in a comical whirpool.



On another of their journeys, Shelldon and his friends rise above the ocean’s surface to discover a shallow sandy shelf.  Upon further exploration they discover it’s a beach.  And on the beach they meet a giant (to them) drooling infant boy in a diaper, sitting on the sand and playing with a bucket, shovel and toy boat.  When Shelldon asks his name the boy replies with a burbling, “Ga ga!”  And Gaga becomes his name.  Shelldon and his other club members think that Gaga is some odd kind of land creature, unaware that he’s just a baby playing in the sand.  Thus, they comically misinterpret his actions and burbling and go on wild and crazy beach adventures with him. 



When Shelldon and his friends climbed atop a rocky outcropping one day they met a whacky goofball pelican with goggles who was hopelessly tangled in fishing line.  After freeing him, Wilbur the pelican was eternally grateful to Shelldon and joined the club.  Now Wilbur, who is much bigger than Shelldon and the others, scoops them up in his bill and takes Shelldon and his friends on exciting adventures over land. 

They can go anywhere!  Wilbur thinks of himself as a great pilot and talks in aviation slang.  His goggles are made of the thick bottoms of glass bottles, and because of this he can’t see straight.  Thus, he’s always flying into things and having near disastrous mid-air collisions.  But he manages to survive.  And Shelldon and his friends manage to have lots of fun.



Dr. Bao is an old, mysterious Chinese doctor.  He has a magnificent, rainbow-colored abalone shell (Haliotis discus hannai).  His mind is so full of ancient Chinese medicine and herbal knowledge that he often gets things mixed the time he pressed the wrong pressure point on a ticklish octopus and got a blast of ink that turned him purple for a month.



Napoleon is a multi-colored mantis shrimp boy.  Although mantis shrimp are generally upwards of a foot long, Napoleon is unusually small, and only about a quarter of the height of Shelldon and his friends.  He has a high-pitched voice as well.  Napoleon hates being small.  But he comes to learn that physical size is less important than being big in intelligence and bravery.


Emperor Erhu

Emperor Erhu isn’t really an emperor at all.  He’s a Chinese fiddler crab.  But he lives on a small island and has such a huge ego that he thinks of himself as the emperor of the whole place.  He likes to wave his big “fiddle” claw around as he orders others about.  But hidden under his big ego is an even bigger heart.



The first two seasons of Shelldon & Friends introduced an entire young audience to the wonders of an underwater world inhabited by delightful characters and dealing with themes of understanding & responsibility, individual effort & teamwork, the environment and the joy of curiosity...and we intend to do so again!  But this time we’re boosting up the action, cranking up the humor and making Shelldon’s underwater world a lot more adventurous!

Season 3 will introduce subjects like science and history, geography and MORE!  And we’ll do it at a slightly faster pace, with more of the cool action that kids want to see.  Ours is a visual medium and Season 3 will see more on-screen comedy as Shelldon’s and his Friends’ adventure become more exciting.
And we’ll add a few new characters and play up the hardware so as to expand SHELLDON’s licensing potential in all areas.


These are some of the themes that will surface in Season 3 but our new episodes will never try to educate our audience.  Instead, we will entertain the audience in a way that allows them to learn for themselves, to find meanings and life lessons in the way our characters act in the context of our stories. 

Shelldon’s new 26 half hour episodes will explore more of the world outside the reef.  We’ll adventure on land, fly into the skies, travel from pole to pole and east to west and yet we’ll always return to the ocean depths and the fabulous world of Shelldon’s reef.  In doing so, we’ll tackle environmental issues like climate change.... (Episode 007: “Speak Up Before The Pot Boils”, where Shelldon, Connie and Herman save the deep sea community of Thermal Springs from overdoing it with their new addiction to petro-power despite the objections of the town bullies who are making a big profit off that petro-power.)  KEYWORDS: GLOBAL WARMING, ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNITY, JOKES, TEAMWORK, OBLIGATIONS...

We’ll tell ghosts stories....(Episode 014: “The Ghostly Abyss”, is a fun takeoff on a classic haunted house tale, where Shelldon & Friends are dared into spending a night in a old, coral mansion that’s being haunted by ghosts.  Only the eerie lights that show up are the glowing inhabitants of a deep sea trench that are trying to escape the toxins being dumped in their home.)  KEYWORDS: GHOSTS, HAUNTED HOUSE, POLLUTION, CARING, COMEDY, RESPONSIBILITY...

We’ll parallel history when we trace the paths of famous ocean explorers of antiquity when Shelldon & Friends get shanghaied by a crazy old Sea Snail and forced to take a perilous journey across uncharted land, in an effort to find a shortcut to the Other Great Sea, and instead have to deal with a mutiny and an ancient land lubber’s treasure map.  (Episode 008: “East By West...Or Bust!”)  KEYWORDS: HISTORY, ADVENTURE, FUN, BURIED TREASURE, TRUST...

Bullied because of his inability to grasp simple scientific ideas, Doctor Shell takes poor Herman under his wing and in a story reminiscent of THE KARATE KID.  Shelldon’s crab pal awakens his own inner strength, discovers the joys of learning and saves the reef from the bullies’ out-of-control science project.  (Episode 011: “Nerd Of The Sea”)  KEYWORDS:  BULLYING, SCIENCE, ROBOT, ACTION, COMEDY, HERO, SACRIFICE, FRIENDSHIP...

Here are synopses of a few of our proposed episodes....



Shell Land

Set in a shallow reef in the Andaman seas, Shell Land is an idyllic town where townsfolk live in relative harmony. The buildings are fashioned out of coral and shell elements, and occasionally parts of discarded human-made objects.  Each building has a distinct design that reflects their inhabitants.


Charming Clam Inn

The Charming Clam is a cozy little inn run by Shelldon’s family. It is a friendly joint where locals love to hang out for meals or to enjoy one another’s company. It is an ideal place for Shell Land visitors to meet the local folk. Apart from Shelldon and his family, the other permanent residents are Connie and Dr. Shell.


Jolly Roger Thrift Store

A scrap-yard and flea market run by Herman and his Mother.  It is a place where strange trinkets scavenged from the lands around are sold. Many people dismiss the products sold there as junk but Herman prefers to think of them as “lost treasures given a new lease of life”.

The store’s motto is: “It’s A Steal!” Shelldon spends much of his free time hanging out with Herman at the Jolly Roger  when he does not have to run errands at The Charming Clam.


Coral Deep School

Coral Deep (“Deep School” being the equivalent of “High School”) is the school that Shelldon, Connie and Herman attend. The interior of the school’s classrooms are like regular high school, except that their appearance is adapted to suit the shells’ universe. Chalkboards, desks, bells and other familiar features are either shaped like or made up of little empty shells.
There is even the shells’ equivalent of the earth’s globe, shaped rather like a giant clam with “countries” (actually different reef communities) mapped out on its surface.

Kelp Forest

A dark and dangerous forest situated in the outskirts of Shell Land. It is formed when an old abandoned fishing net falls over an area of kelp, forming a trap for unassuming fishes. Within the forest lives a fearsome frog fish that will pounce on any creature stupid enough to wonder in.

Shell City

A densely populated metropolitan city situated in deeper waters. Shell City is a center of commerce and culture, attracting fish, shells and aquatic life from all parts of the sea. Although bustling with life, large scary fishes like sharks and whales also travel freely within Shell City. It is a dangerous for tiny inexperienced shell fish.

Cowry Residence

Along the outskirts of Shell Land lies the Cowry residence. This lavish and imposing manor was Connie's childhood home before she moved out on her own. Connie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cowry, built the place as a reflection their wealth. Everything on the grounds is exquisitely detailed, from a simple door handle to coral hedges.

Shrimp De Salon

This beauty salon and spa treatment center is found in a quiet corner of Shell Land. Run by Mrs. Prim, the town's premier expert on beauty and wellness, it is the place to go for grooming and gossip. Mrs. Prim also gives beauty tips and social etiquette classes.  A haven for the women of Shell Land, the Shrimp De Salon is Mama Clam's favorite haunt.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is the home of the enigmatic Mayor Yoka. This is the place where Shell Landers gather for town meetings. It is rumored that deep below the main building lays a labyrinthine network of secret rooms where Mayor Yoka practices his 'old magic'.

Crabby's Book Store

Crabby's Book Store is filled with jumbled shelves of books. There is absolutely no order of how the books are arranged and its owner, Crabby keeps no archive of his stock. So you never know what you can find at Crabby's Book Store. Rummaging through the shelves, one can sometimes come across old mysterious tomes, or perhaps a treasure map or two. Because Crabby is a hoarder by nature, he tends to be reluctant to part with his books. It would take a great deal of persuasion in order for him to make a sale to customers.


The Stadium of Shell Land is where major sporting events, like the O'Limpet Games, are held. It is a historical site. Around it, monuments of Shell Land's past heroes are erected, and one can almost trace the history of Shell Land through these statues and murals. In recent years, the stadium has also been used to hold large-scale musical concerts, much to the ire of purist Shell Landers who feel that the heritage of the building is being diluted. However, these concerts are a hit with the younger crowd and attract many travelers to Shell Land.


Story Format


Each episode is comprised of a 21-minute story and a 1-minute tag featuring Dr. Shell giving a comical tip to the audience that parallels the episode’s theme. 

Each 21-minute story will be composed of the following elements:

  • Theme: Each story will have a theme that conveys a moral argument appropriate for the 4-8 year old audience, such as "don't judge a book by its cover" or "persistence pays off". 


  • Adversary:  Each story will have an adversary, either a schoolmate of Shelldon's, Cracken, a new local character, or someone or something encountered on Shelldon's Undercover Discoverers Club adventures.  The adversary will generally support a point of view that is in opposition to the theme.
  • A-STORY: This part of the story is composed of an emotional "character" plotline centered around Shelldon and his friends, family and/or peer adversaries.


  • B-STORY:  This is the action plot centered on Shelldon’s exploration and/or discovery story that comes out of either a) The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club, or b) an adversary such as Cracken.  The A & B stories will dovetail to carry the same theme and counter-theme. 
  • Educational Element: In each story, Shelldon and his friends will deal with a physical, emotional or moral problem that will force them to use their heads to resolve it, thus gaining insight on the issue.


  • Eco-Environmental Issue: Also in each story, Shelldon and his friends will deal with a sub-issue related to marine life and/or environment, such as pollution or over-fishing.
  • Musical Number: Each story will have a song sung by Shelldon and his friends, Bait's Motel, or another character(s).  The song will usually come at the “crisis” moment of the story and support the theme or counter-theme.