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เชลล์ดอนคอนนี่ด็อกเตอร์เชลล์เฮอร์แมนมิสซิสพรีมปาป้าแคลมมาม่าแคลมคลิกแคล็กแคร็บบี้ฮุค แซม แม็ค

The series' eponymous hero is a regular boy shell who, along with his family, has recently settled in to Shell Land. A little shy and reserved, Shelldon does his best to stay out of trouble. And yet, despite his best efforts, trouble usually finds him. In the process, he discovers the innate abilities and deep reserves of courage he never knew existed when they are put to the test. He is the very glue that holds his friends, Herman and Connie together, making him the de facto 'leader' in this gang. Together, they blunder through one adventure after another. When he is not attending school or hanging out with his friends, Shelldon spends much of his time helping out at the Charming Clam, an inn run by his family.